“Lino stilius” is a family business, offering customers unique in its ecological characteristics, design and opportunity of use linen products, created and manufactured in Lithuania.

We love linen and we are having a “relationship” with it by working experience in linen production industry for over 30 years, hence we have established a distinctive style store, where we present our ideas and designs.

Our purpose is to link deep, reaching thousands of years of traditions of flax industry and modern technology, to change attitude towards linen as a wrinkly and hard fabric.
We offer not only traditional, but also washed and softened fabric, from which made products have even better hygenic characterictics, have a good grip on the body, does not require ironing after washing.

The folowing are the main product groups:

  • Linen fabrics
  • Linen home textiles
  • Linen clothes and accessories

Please, note that we accept individual orders also, deliver the goods in Lithuania and aboard.

You can find our products by visiting our store: „Lino stilius“ at Pilies str. 6-6, Vilnius, Lithuania, EU. Or simply contact us by email or telephone.
As well, follow us on our Facebook page where you can leave any comments or suggestions.

Fall in love with linen, like we did!